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The Thankas are excellent piece of Tibetan art works. The Thankas are of exceptional quality, hand-painted by Nepali and Tibiten artist. Thanka is a fine painting which is made with a great care and concentration all by hands. The tradition of depicting Thankas might have been prevalent around in the area where Buddhism spread and was developed in Tibet in 10th century. The tradition of Thanka painting was just outset in Tibet and is not confined only within Tibet and Tibetan community but those who adopted the Tibetan Buddhism learnt this art so as Thakali, Sherpas, Tamangs, Yolmos, Manangeys, and Newars are the instants. In accordance with the religious culture, the Thanka to be kept at the worship room sanctifies with holy water muttering mantras to enliven Thankas mystic power and puts kada (a two feet long silk cloth) on it. Since then the devotee use to bow his /her head before it at the time of worship especially in the morning time. Being Thanka as a ritual painting most people never considered the Thanka as an object of decoration. But nowadays Thankas are gaining popularity as a decorative item all over the world. Usually painted on cotton cloth, more rarely on silk, colours are traditionally made from minerals as well as vegetable dyes but now a days Tibetan artists also use modern synthetic dyes, silver and gold. We have best collection of best Tibetan Newari style Thankas.

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