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About Us

Ktmkris is a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of Nepalese clothing company based in Kathmandu Nepal. We offer a wide range of Nepalese handmade clothings like woman clothing, skirts, summer clothing, jackets, kurthas, Trousers , tank tops, Nepalese traditional clothing like Newar, Rai, Tamang, Magar, Sherpa etc, Woolen Clothing, Cotton Wrapper, Ladies Half Sleeve, Ladies Long Dress, Ladies short sleeve and many more.

Ktmkris is a privately owned manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler Nepalese clothing Company which is fully approved and license holder under Ministry of Industry , Inland Revenue Department and Government of Nepal.


To be the leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of different kinds of Clothing in Nepal on wholesale price.

We dream of a world  where Nepalese handmade products are renown and exported in ever nook and corner of the world .

  • For Investors: Provide sustainable returns and enhanced asset value
  • For Tenants   : Create profitable opportunities
  • For Shoppers : Create delightful shopping experiences
  • For Employees : Provide  job opportunities so that they can raise their financial position and raise their living standard.
  • For Community: Committed to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability